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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Botox is a miraculous drug which is manufactured from the bacteria, a neurotoxin, Clostridium botulinum, which is known as Botulinum Toxin. It is used to cosmetically treat the problems of wrinkles, aging and medical treatment of certain condition of muscles through temporary paralysis of muscles. Botox is increasingly used in the industry of facial aesthetics. Botox is also used for the treatment of hyperhydrosis, jaw reduction, certain conditions of eye muscles, cervical dystonia, wrinkles etc.

At Cosmedocs we have three brands available for which botulinum toxin type A is the active substance: Azzalure® (Dysport®), Bocouture® (Xeomin®) and Vistabel® (Botox®).

The dilution and injection technique varies depending on the chosen product. This is a concern for the practitioner but is of little importance to the client. Azzalure® has a tendency to take effect quicker and have a longer duration of action. It is also more likely to have a stronger, smoother effect. Azzalure® has also been reported to 'spread more' which can be used as an advantage when treating larger areas such as underarms for hyperhidrosis. Conversely, Bocouture® or Vistabel® may be selected to treat smaller, more specific areas or if a softer effect is required.

At CosmeDocs we are happy to use a particular brand if requested by a patient. Otherwise, each brand is priced similarly and depends on the area treated. Our doctors will select the product they feel will best treat an individual’s concern.

The duration can vary depending on numerous factors such as an individual response, the dose, previous treatments and the type of product used. On average, a treatment is expected to last approximately 3 months. Many patients do report results lasting 4-6 months, however, this is not the case for everyone.

When the botox treatments are performed by expert and professional doctors and practitioners, then they are relatively safer. Most commonly observed side effects of bBotox injections are bruising and swelling at the area of treatment along with flu- like symptoms. If the Botox injections are not administered by expert it may cause problems in the adjacent tissues altering the shape of facial features.

The answer to this depends on personal aesthetic preferences. For those who prefer to appear natural whilst avoiding deep lines forming, a treatment once a year or repeated baby botox procedures may be recommended. Indeed, some individuals may be happy with results after one treatment and only return if a bothersome line starts to reappear. Many others desire a lasting smooth look which would require repeat treatments every 4-6 months.

After the procedure the doctor may advise you to keep the muscles injected active for about 20 minutes. This may involve frowning, raising eyebrows or smiling depending on a particular treatment.

DO NOT massage the treated areas and avoid touching if possible. Pressure on the areas increase the chance of toxin spreading from the area treated and causing unwanted effects. Only apply makeup if necessary and minimal pressure applied, a powder may be easier to apply with soft brush strokes.

It is advised to avoid ANY form of sport on the day of a botox treatment. Normal activities can be resumed the following day. In addition it is not recommended to have any facial treatments for approximately 3 days after injections.

Sun or heat exposure (such as saunas and hot showers) is not advised on the day of a botox treatment. As redness and swelling settles normal activities can be resumed. The next day is usually fine.

Alcohol should be avoided on the day of procedure.

At CosmeDocs we prefer individuals to have continuity with a doctor and where possible will book you with the same practitioner. If a particular doctor is not available we will provide alternative options. If a client requests to see a different practitioner, this also is possible.

As muscles regain their strength it is usual for movement to return to normal and lines reoccur in their previous positions. Some individuals find that botox reduces ‘habitual’ movements so they are less likely to frown as much for example. With repeated botox treatments, muscles are weakened for a prolonged period and may take longer to regain their strength.

The botox treatment cost varies with the type of treatment you want to have. To obtain complete information about the prices of different botox treatments offered by cosemdocs.com, check our prices section. We usually charge prices for per botox treatment.

The most common observable side effects of Botox are bruising and swelling which takes place at the area where Botox injections are administered. But it usually wears off in few days time. Other less severe side effects might include weakness of muscle at the area where botox is injected, pain, headache, stiffness of muscles, pain in neck or back, symptoms of flu, drowsiness, drooping eyes or eye lids etc. all these conditions are rare and can take week or so to go away as your body adjust itself to the Botox medication. It is better to consult to your doctor before taking any kind of Botox injections treatment.

The possible risks vary with the area treated with botox. When treating the forehead or frown area it is possible for the eyebrows or eyelids to droop. It is not always possible to ascertain the cause as it may be due to injection technique, dilution, or accidental movements/activities after the procedure. A droop usually wears off between 4-6 weeks. In some cases, eyedrops may be prescribed which can improve symptoms. Botox in the lower part of the face can lead to asymmetry of the lips when talking or smiling. Again, botox does wear off and these complications are rare.

The most common side effects of botox treatments are bruising, redness and, occasionally, a temporary dull headache.

The media is largely responsible for the awareness of a ‘shiny forehead’ after botox treatments and is often a look avoided by many clients. This shiny appearance is due to an overly smooth forehead with little movement. A more natural appearance can be obtained by using lower doses of toxin such as baby botox injections. It is worth noting here that botox is frequently used to reduce excessive sweating and that shiny foreheads after botox are rarely due to perspiration.

Many individuals are very aware of deep lines that their parents or siblings have developed and are conscious of taking preventative measures. Botox injections work well on ‘dynamic’ lines; wrinkles that occur when muscles are contracted. So it is indeed possible to help prevent deeper creases forming and utilising Botox anti wrinkle treatments as a preventative treatment.

Numerous clients have asked this question and the answer depends on the concern an individual has. Cosmedocs has tried to clearly outline possible problem areas on this website which can provide information on the possible options. In general, botox is the preferred option for wrinkles formed primarily by active muscle movement. For deeper lines and areas of volume loss, dermal fillers are usually recommended. This will be discussed in depth with individuals at appointments.

For clients that feel they may have had a side effect or complication from botox, there are some interventions that may relieve the unwanted effects. It is highly advised to book a review appointment if a client has any concerns. As the effects of botox are temporary, it is reassuring to know that most adverse effects tend to wear off within a few weeks, some however may last a few months.

There is no antidote to botox. However, botox does only have temporary effects lasting a few months and unwanted side effects will wear off. Most practitioners take a cautious approach to avoid any complications as additional botox is easy to add if required.

The following photos will give you a clear view of how the treated area will look before and after the treatment. There is a considerable improvement in skin lines, wrinkles and under eye lines after the administration of botox injections giving a fresh and youthful look to the facial profile. No touch ups or editing has been done in these photos and you can clearly observe the differences before and after the botox treatment.


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