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Botox Frown Line Treatment

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Treatment Summary

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  • Treatment Results

    Results | Duration

    2-3 Weeks | 4-6Months

  • Treatment Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    20 Minutes

  • Treatment Risk and Complications

    Risk & Complications

    Allergic Reactions, Bruises, Swelling, Eyebrow/eyelid dropping asymmetry

  • Full recovery from treatment

    Full Recovery

    No Downtime

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The cause of frown lines & treatment with botox

Frown lines are also known as Glabellar lines, and they are due to repeated action of frowning. Frown line can be one in the middle between the eyebrows or two parallel lines accompanied by another line running across the top of the nose. They usually develop in the mid-late 20s. They can make one appear older, angrier or more stressed than they are. We see clients from all backgrounds including doctors, teachers, scientists, managers and leaders.

Many clients inform us that they inherited it from their parents, but we believe mimicking their expressions is more likely!

Botox helps to reduce muscle activity. It relaxes nerves that supply the muscle, thereby reducing the expression and decreasing the number of times you crease the skin.

Frown lines treated with 3-5 tiny injections start to relax within a couple of weeks of the treatment. Deep frown lines that are visible at rest may require additional dermal filler treatment. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that fill up the crease in the skin that causes the line due to volume loss (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid) due to repetitive expression for frowning. Only small drops are required to smooth the lines usually. Your cosmetic doctor will advise or recommend appropriately.

Maintenance treatment with botox is usually 2-3 times the first year and less often after as individuals typically lose the subconscious habit of frowning.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes as relaxing the frown muscle complex does not compromise the ability to raise your eyebrows. Forehead injections to treat the horizontal lines across can limit eyebrow movement.

It's worth noting that the majority of patients report no side effects at all—however, less than 1% report eyelid drooping in the frown lines. Rarer side effects include dry mouth, headache, tiredness, neck pain, eye pain, double vision or blurred vision and allergic reactions.

When we treat headaches and migraines, we consider the frown muscles along with others in the face and head.

Botox for frown lines is £175 for females a £225 for males. Males have a larger muscle mass and require much more dose. If you also need dermal fillers, we have a combination package for £100 extra if you decide to have it on the same appointment. Dermal fillers last longer than one year and sometimes, even more, when botox is maintained.


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