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Non-Surgical Fat Removal TreatmentsStubborn Fat Deposits

Certain areas where body fat stores more often can’t be very problematic to improve no matter how much you need to rely on dieting, workouts and other such remedies.

The causative factor is often genetics, hence these concerns may have little improvement with lifestyle changes. The calories consumed in regular diet need to burn up otherwise they lead to deposition of unwanted fat which require proper treatment. Below are some non-surgical fat removal options available that can target these stubborn areas:


Velashape is a combination of non surgical fat removal treatments which uses radiofrequency, infrared light energy, vacuum & massage. Aimed for body contouring and slimming by fat reduction, improving cellulite and reducing with highly effective results with zero downtime or very less discomfort. A reduction of around 1.5 cm size can be successfully achieved with this non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

Velashape treatment for Buttock before Velashape treatment for Buttock after
fat reduction via Velashape treatment for thigs before fat reduction via Velashape treatment for thigs after


Innovative, safe, highly effective treatment for small areas of fatty deposits, Aqualyx is an injectable solution that targets fat cells with minimal downtime. For significant results, 2 to 4 sessions of Aqualyx will be required in every three weeks. This treatment is usually recommended areas such as belly, chin, arms, back, waist, chin neck, thighs etc.

Aqualyx Non-Invasive Treatment Before Aqualyx Non-Invasive Treatment After
Treatment Buttock Aqualyx Injection Before Treatment Buttock Aqualyx Injection After

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