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Botox Treatment for Neck Cords

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Treatment Summary

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  • Treatment Results

    Results | Duration

    2-3 Weeks | 4-6Months

  • Treatment Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    20 Minutes

  • Treatment Risk and Complications

    Risk & Complications

    Allergic Reactions, Bruises, Swelling, Eyebrow/eyelid dropping asymmetry

  • Full recovery from treatment

    Full Recovery

    No Downtime

  • Back to Work from Treatment

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A large sheet of muscle called the platysma drapes over the anterior and lateral parts of the neck. When contracted, marked vertical lines can appear which in time may become more prominent. Our experienced doctors are able to select those individuals that are suitable for advanced botox treatment of the neck helping to reduce the appearance of these bands and cords. Patient with lax, redundant skin with flaccid neck bands may not be suitable for this treatment and advice will be given by our practitioners.

Other treatments that can benefit neck area include dermal fillers such as Redensity 1 which combines mesotherapy with the benefits of hyaluronic acid, Aqualyx which can remove fat deposits in chin, resurfacing and radiofrequency treatments.

Indication: Vertical cords/bands on the neck

Muscle Targeted: The broad platysma muscle that covers the front and lateral aspects of the neck and the lower face.

Muscle Action: When contracted, this large muscle pulls down the jaw, the corners of the mouth and sometimes the cheek. Prominent vertical cords may be seen on the neck extending from the jawline to the collarbone (clavicle).

Neck Cords botox Treatment: The platysma muscle is injected with small, superficial doses of botulinum toxin whilst the muscle is contracted. The injection sites are located along the visible bands. The treatment will soften the appearance of cords and can help to reduce â??fullness?? under the chin. Some individuals may have lax skin or excess localized fat in the neck neither of these complaints will improve with botulinum toxin treatment and skin laxity may actually worsen.

Possible Side Effects:

  • Difficulty articulating (dysarthria)
  • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Hoarseness
  • Neck weakness

Botox Treatment for Platysmal Neck Bands

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