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Dr Aqib Bhatti

Cosmetic Physician

University of Leicester

Dr Bhatti developed a keen interest in non-surgical, aesthetic facial treatments, and was subsequently trained by some of the leading experts in the UK. He is passionate about treating Dermatological Skin Conditions, dealing with Men’s Health Problems, offering Expert Health Advice, and managing Weight Loss.


A graduate of the University of Leicester, Dr Bhatti has extensive experience in a range of specialist areas, including gynaecology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, psychiatry, minor surgery, and acute and emergency medicine. He is registered with the General Medical Council, and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Treatments performed by Dr Aqib Bhatti

Available Clinics

Dr Aqib Bhatti offers treatments in London as well as Portsmouth.


I have had botox injections for wrinkles around my eyes twice at Cosmedocs- and I’m due to book for my third. The staff is always friendly and helpful, both when you make your booking and during your treatment. The location is very easy to get to, they are open on the weekend, the prices are the best I’ve found, and – most importantly of course- the results are fab!” - MB

I’ve done Botox with CosMedocs and was impressed with their service and professionalism. Not to mention affordable prices. I was Botox virgin and had my reservations at first, but doctor’s advice made them all go away. And I’m really happy with the results.” - NC

I had a botox treatment with cosmodocs. I found the price very reasonable. Even better the results were excellent. I will definitely use this service again.” - BH

I am a very satisfied customer of Cosmedocs - I’ve had three facial areas treated with Anti-Wrinkle Injection at CosmeDocs in recent years, and find the treatment swift, thorough and effective. Also, Dr Haq’s pleasant and friendly manner makes the treatment as painless as possible!” - CFSP


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